Here are some simple guidelines for eating out away from home:



  • Choose fried, poached, or scrambled eggs
  • Avoid high salt breakfast meat like bacon and sausage
  • Select white toast, an english muffin or a bagel
  • Skip bran or whole wheat muffins or bread
  • Request cream cheese instead of cheddar or American cheese in an omelet
  • Choose canned fruit as a side item instead of home fries or hash browns



  • Request low sodium, broth soups
  • Choose beef, chicken, or fish tacos with lettuce and sour cream
  • Select coleslaw or a green salad with chicken or shrimp
  • Order a stir-fry with low potassium vegetables and no MSG or soy sauce
  • Try low potassium vegetables on sandwiches to add lots of taste and flavor
  • Limit extra meat and cheese on cold sandwiches
  • Skip side dishes such as potato salad, chili, bean salad, spinach, and those with nuts or lots of cheese



  • Choose white pasta with herbs, olive oil, and garlic
  • Stick with white rice with natural seasonings in place of potato side dishes
  • Select meatloaf or pot roast entrees with a low sodium mushroom gravy
  • Order seafood and chicken entrees: prepared grilled, poached or roasted
  • Try Angel food cake with strawberries, sherbet or sorbet for dessert
  • Skip meals with tomato or milk based sauces
  • Skip high sodium or milk-based soups
  • Skip chocolate, caramel pastries, and carrot cake


General Eating Tips

  • Always remember your nutrition plan limits
  • Plan meals in advance so it fits YOUR nutrition needs
  • Consume only the fluids allowed for the event/meal; remember your fluid limit
  • Practice good portion control with foods
  • Share a meal with a friend
  • Request low sodium options
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